Marie Nordberg

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  •  Marie Nordberg research on men and boys' experiences and understandings of various forms of violence and the relationship between the socially legitimized and socially problematic violence.  Mainly, she has been interested in the normalization of certain acts of violence, and focused on the more subtle forms of violence and everyday contexts where violence exerted not certain defined as violence.  In Marie's research included interviews with men and boys about violence, ethnography from sporting venues, pubs and schools, as well as analyzes of how violence is described in some newspapers.

     In two projects focused on boys and masculinity Community spirit at school, Marie Nordberg partly followed the boys and girls in pre-school and school years one for over three academic years, and followed the guys on some male-coded vocational high school program for three academic years. In that project, which focused on younger boys were also a few visits to leisure activities.  These projects have not been as specific to violence shapes the research project Marie Nordberg done together with Claes Ekenstam.

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