The Hidden Struggle (2e)

Statutory and voluntary sector responses to violence?against black women in the home

Amina Mama

The Hidden Struggle (2e) Statutory and voluntary sector responses to violence? against black women in the home book cover

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ISBN: 978-1-861770-04-2
Categories: Cultural Studies, Health Services, Human Services, Social Policy
Edition: 2nd
Published: June 1996
229 x 152 x 25 mm
374 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Also available in: Paperback
First published in 1989 this remains one of the few books to look at black women's experience of domestic violence.

An introductory section provides an international perspective on violence against black and third world women and the response of agencies. It then reports on research undertaken among women in black communities in London to identify the prevalence of violence and the effectiveness of the response of statutory and voluntary agencies.

Issues of housing and tenancy status, women and the law and women and the police response are considered. A detailed analysis of the contrasting policies in two London boroughs is provided. The role of the voluntary sector, the refuge movement and approaches to challenging racism in this sector are considered.

It has been reissued by Whiting and Birch with a new introduction and updated bibliography.
Amina Mama is Professor and Director of Women and Gender Studies, University of California, Davis. She is a widely published scholar-activist, and the founding Editor of Feminist Africa , published by the African Gender Institute in Cape Town. ... read more
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