Race and Groupwork

Edited by Tara Mistry and Allan Brown

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ISBN: 978-1-861770-11-0
Series: First Groupwork Series
Categories: Groupwork, Human Services
Published: January 1997
216 x 140 x 21 mm
312 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Groupwork literature and practice theory is largely eurocentric. It does not adequately address the issues facing black groupworkers or the needs of service users from minority communities. In recent years, anti-racist and race equality perspectives have come under attack in some countries.

Race and Groupwork is therefore a much needed text which provides a coherent overview of its subject. The Editors have brought together vivid case studies by front-line practitioners exploring innovative forms of work with black and multiracial groups. Anyone involved in this field will find these chapters truly inspirational.

Chapters on the underlying theoretical and philosophical principals have also been included. Several authors reflect on the inhibiting and oppressive organisational factors which they have encountered, and suggest how agencies could facilitate more sensitive policies.

This book is also printed in the United States and available through the N American booktrade, priced US$80.00

Black and White Issues in Training Groups: A Psychodynamic Approach
Aileen Alleyne
Groupwork with Black Users with Learning Difficulties
Juliet Amoa
Groupwork with ‘Mixed Membership’ Groups: Issues of Race and Gender
Allan Brown and Tara Mistry
Groupwork as a Tool in the Celebration, Resourcing and Development of Gypsy and Traveller Culture
Sarah Cemlyn
Towards a Developmental Framework: Empowering Youthwork with Young Asian Women
Sakinna Dickinson
Prison Groupwork for Foreign Nationals
Liz Hales
Reflections on Empowerment Groupwork Across Racial Lines: My Sisters’ Place
Judith A.B. Lee, Ruth R. Martin, Judith A. Beaumont, Rosalind Moore Beckham, Gail Bourdon, Christy King, Jean Konon, Evelyn Thorpe
Groupwork with Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Jeremy Woodcock
Black/White Co-Working in Groups
Tara Mistry and Allan Brown
A Community Based Approach to the Development of Asian Women’s Groups
Bijay K. Minhas
Communities in Struggle: Bengali and Refugee Groupwork in London
Gita Patel
The Dynamics of Groupwork in a Prison Community
Liz Dixon
The Linguistic and Cultural Barriers to Cross-National Groupwork
Paul Taylor
Groupwork and Black Women Viewing Networks as Groups: Black Women Meeting Together for Affirmation and Empowerment
Marcia Francis-Spence
Tara Mistry
Tara Mistry is Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bristol and current Co-Editor of Groupwork. ... read more
Allan Brown
Allan Brown was Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bristol and founding Editor of Groupwork.
 ... read more
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