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Practice Learning

Perspectives on globalisation,citizenship, and cultural change

Edited by Graham Ixer

Practice Learning cover Globalisation will impact on all those engaged in the education process for health and social care, requiring us to move from a narrowly Eurocentric vision. The contributors to this book have experience of social work education in many different contexts around the world. Their examples of agreement and difference will assist practitioners, educators and students alike who seek to identify ways of developing their practice in an increasingly international context, in which we must be open to learning from a wide range of practice and educational models.

Practice learning in a global world Andrea Wild, Snr Research Fellow, and Geoffrey Meads, Professor of Organisational Research, Warwick University Medical School, U
The impact of practice and policy on practice learning in Northern Ireland in an international context Paul McCafferty, Manager, Practice Learning Centre, Partnership Care West, Northern Ireland
Understanding African cultural values Wilson Muleya, Lecturer, Kingston University, UK
Back to the future: Evaluating a project to disseminate practice learning and teaching in Ukraine Steve Ambler, Independent, and Adrian Black, Programme Manager, Social Work, City College, Norwich, UK
A feminist perspective on North American practice learning Prof. Dorothy Miller, Director, Centre for Women, Case Western University, USA
Working towards culturally sensitive ethical guidelines in a multicultural society? Zita Weber Coordinator of Field Education, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney, Australia
Values, culture and ethics: A Hong Kong Chinese perspective on social work values Diana Mak, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Applied Social Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Service User Involvement: a UK perspective on a global opportunity Graham Ixer, Policy Advisor, General Social Care Council, England
Inquiring: Invasion or invitation? Questioning the questioning process Elaine Hume, Acting Director of Social Work, Hornsby Kurringai Health Services, Australia
Globalised consumer culture: Its implications for social justice and practice teaching in social work Prof. Fred Besthorn, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Northern Iowa, USA

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This title is also printed in the USA and available through the N American booktrade, priced US$75.00.

Call for book proposals
Practice Learning: Perspectives on globalisation, citizenship, and cultural change is the first in a series to be published in association with the Journal of Practice Teaching in Health and Social Work. The Series Editor is Lynda Deacon, the Founding Editor of the Journal.

The aim of the series is to publish material relevant to any aspect of education and training in health and social work, with a particular emphasis on field education and workplace learning. We seek proposals for books relevant to the aims of the series.

In the first place, you should submit a brief outline of the book and a chapter list, together with a professional resumé of the authors. Proposals should be submitted as an email attachment to the Commissioning Editor, Whiting and Birch Ltd, savpub@dircon.co.uk.

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Categories: Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Imprint: Whiting & Birch Ltd
ISBN-10: 1 861770 51 0
ISBN-13: 978 1 861770 51 6

Edition: 1st
Format: Hardback
Published: July 2005
Dimensions: 216x140x16mm
Pages: 212pp
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd

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