Groupwork Volume 2

An interdisciplinary journal for working with groups

Edited by Allan Brown and Andrew Kerslake

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ISBN: 978-1-861770-56-1
Series: Groupwork Classics
Categories: Groupwork, Human Services, Social Work
Published: July 2007
216 x 140 x 21 mm
304 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Since its first issue in 1988, much interesting and inspiring material has been published in Groupwork. Most of this still says much of use to today's groupworkers, and there is a steady stream of requests for reprints. We are therefore making back volumes of Groupwork available in book form. Authors in this volume include leading academic figures in the field as well as practitioners working in the field. Any groupworker will find this material of enduring interest.

The first 13 volumes of Groupwork will be available from Summer 2007, and Volume 14 will appear in the Autumn.

All titles in the Groupwork Classics series will also be printed in the United States, and available at 48 to 72 hours notice through the N American booktrade (USA price for volume 2 is US$75.00).
Challenging familiar assumptions: Preparing for and initiating a self-directed group
Audrey Mullender and David Ward

Doing something with our lives when we’re inside: Self-directive groupwork in a youth custody centre.
Bill Badham (Ed.). Bob Blatchford, Steph Mcartney and Malcolm Nicholas

Using contracts in groupwork
Michael Preston-shoot

Targeted activities in group contexts: The analysis of activities to meet consumer need
Julie Phillips

Designing cancer groups for maximum effectiveness
Barry M. Daste

Decision-making in therapeutic groups
Marian F. Fatout

Confronting human finitude. Groupwork with people with Aids
George S. Getzel and Kevin F. Mahony

Organising accountability for social groupwork: More choices
Oded Manor

A group for black and white sexually abused children
Marie Lebacq and Zaffira Shah

Learning about groupwork.
Jenny Lumley and Harold Marchant

Establishing a feminist model of groupwork in the Probation Service
Tara Mistry

A way forward: A group for refugee women
Rachel Tribe and Jane Shackman

Searching the literature on women’s groups
Cathrine Fitzgerald

Open grief groups: the resolution of complicated loss
Marianne Davidsen-Nielsen and Nini Leick

Groupwork with the spouses of seriously ill patients
Janine Favier

Supportive groupwork for dialysis patients
Lizzie Bollmann

Supportive groupwork with young arthritic mothers
Amy Østertun Geirdal

Staff development through groupwork in Polish community agencies: ‘The Centres Of Culture’
Jerzy Szmagalski

Self-help groups as basic care in psychotherapy and social work
Jürgen Matzat

Family group treatment in drug abuse
Anna Casanova Torras

Groupwork As Early Intervention In High Risk Families
Rigmor Grette Moe
Allan Brown
Allan Brown was Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bristol and founding Editor of Groupwork.
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