Groupwork Volume 8

An Interdisciplinary Journal for Working with Groups

Edited by Allan Brown and Nano McCaughan

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ISBN: 978-1-861770-62-2
Series: Groupwork Classics
Categories: Groupwork, Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Published: January 2008
216 x 140 x 21 mm
352 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Also available in: Hardback
Since its first issue in 1988, much interesting and inspiring material has been published in Groupwork. Most of this still says much of use to today's groupworkers, and there is a steady stream of requests for reprints. We are therefore making back volumes of Groupwork available in book form. Authors in this volume include leading academic figures in the field as well as practitioners working in the field. Any groupworker will find this material of enduring interest.

The first 13 volumes of Groupwork will be available from Summer 2007, and Volume 14 will appear in the Autumn.

All titles in the Groupwork Classics series will also be printed in the United States, and available at 48 to 72 hours notice through the N American booktrade (USA price for volume 1 is US$75.00).
Cycling Over Everest’ Groupwork with depressed women
Pamela Trevithick, Dept of Social Work, Bristol University
Groupwork in Croatia: Experiences with older refugees 
Marina Adjukovic, School of Social Work, University of Zagreb, Milena Cevcizovic and Ksenija Kontak, Society for Psychological Assistance, Croatia
Group dialogue within prisons
Peter Garrett, Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice, School of Management, University of Bath
Establishing community meetings in a children’s home
Adrian Ward, Dept of Social Work, University of Reading
Groups for children who have lived with domestic violence: Learning from North America

Audrey Mullender, Centre for Applied Social Studies, University of Durham
Facilitating enquiry and action learning groups for social work education

Hilary Burgess and Imogen Taylor, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol
Developing critical conversations about practice
Mark K Smith, Research Fellow and Tutor, YMCA George Williams College
Dialogue and reparation in the large whole group

Alan Turkie, Independent and Lecturer in Youth and Community Work, Goldsmiths’ College
Using groupwork methods in social work education
Margaret O’Dee, Social Work Studies, Salford University
An outdoor treatment programme for a group of first year sixth formers
Derrick Rowland Coverdale consultant
A Strategy for groupwork education and training in a social work agency
Mark Doel, University of Sheffield and Catherine Sawdon, Training Officer, Wakefield Social Services
Managing the tension between being task-centred and being anti-oppressive

Marcia Francis Spence and Beverley Prevatt-Goldstein, Centre for Applied Social Studies, University of Durham
Teachers, learning, ego and groups
Leslie Silverlock and Marion Silverlock ‘Groups Work’
Creative short term group therapy in a managed care environment

Barry M Daste, Louisiana State University School of Social Work
Groupwork to facilitate family reconstitution: A social work response

Jan Hadlow, Keynes College
Social groupwork practice in Hong Kong: Application of western ideas in an Asian population
Debbie O B Lam, University of Hong Kong
Time and space to grieve: A bereavement group for children
Sister Margaret Pennels, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust
An integrated feminist-socioeducational model: Groupwork with nurses in Hong Kong
Elaine Au Liu, City University of Hong Kong
Allan Brown
Allan Brown was Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bristol and founding Editor of Groupwork.
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