Groupwork Research

Edited by Oded Manor

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ISBN: 978-1-861771-07-0
Series: Groupwork Monographs
Categories: Groupwork
Published: June 2009
216 x 140 x 11 mm
196 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
“The journal Groupwork, first published in 1988, has been a specialist reference source for practitioners and, arguably, the principal location within the United Kingdom for the development of groupwork theory, dissemination of groupwork research and evolution of groupwork practice.”
(Professor Michael Preston-Shoot)

This book is the first title in the Groupwork Monographs Series. Each of the books in this series is an anthology of groupwork papers dedicated to one theme within the area of groupwork practice. The books can be used in a number of ways: Practitioners may draw on the ideas when considering their planned and current practice.
  • Students may explore this pool of knowledge when expanding their understanding of groupwork.
  • Teachers and trainers of groupwork may choose papers that direct their students to certain features of this method.
  • Researchers may look for references that are still relevant to their particular area of study.
All are invited to sample a pool of knowledge that has accumulated within the pages of Groupwork over almost two decades.
Back to the future in groupwork research
Professor Michael Preston-Shoot

Evidence: The final frontier?
Star Trek, groupwork and the mission of change

Michael Preston-Shoot

Researching groupwork: Outsider and insider perspectives
Fiona McDermott

Developing critical conversations about practice
Mark Smith

Focus groups and familiar social work skills:
Their contribution to practitioner research

Pat Walton

Enhancing research usefulness with adapted focus groups
Alice M. Home

Empowering research process:
Using groups in research to empower the people

Asnarulkhadi Abu-Samah

Research into practice does go:
Integrating research within programme development

Rob Harry,Patricia Hegarty, Cathy Lisles, Richard Thurston and Maurice Vanstone

Evaluative study of group work for stress and anxiety
Rhona Birrell Weisen

Anger management groupwork with prisoners:
An empirical evaluation

Graham J. Towl and Polly Dexter

Researching our own practice:
Single system design for groupwork

Paul Johnson, Aaron Beckerman and Charles Auerbach
Oded Manor is a leading authority in groupwork, previously Principal Lecturer in Social Work at Middlesex University. ... read more
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