From Communism to Schizophrenia and Beyond

One man's Long March to recovery

Edited by Gordon McManus, Jerome Carson

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ISBN: 978-1-861771-20-9
Categories: Health Services, Human Services
Published: May 2012
234 x 156 x 13 mm
246 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
This book tackles the issue of recovery from severe mental illness, through one man's remarkable journey. The first author was a leading authority in the British Communist movement, until he developed schizophrenia in his forties.

In Part 1. ‘One Man's Long March to Recovery’, Gordon tells his story in three parts: his life as a political activist; his ‘lost years’ with schizophrenia; and finally, his journey of recovery.

Uniquely the book also features contributions from the psychiatrist, social worker and nurse who treated him during these times, as well as his progress in psychological therapy. It also covers the views of his family and friends.

In Part 2. ‘Roads to Recovery’, Professor Carson provides an overview of the recovery approach, as well as describing the innovative approach pioneered in Lambeth. Dr Harding and Dr Holloway give the psychiatrists' perspective on recovery, and additional personal accounts are provided by Dr Peter Chadwick and Dolly Sen.
Foreword Professor Dinesh Bhugra , CBE.

Part 1: One Man’s Long March to Recovery: Political life Gordon McManus
  • From 1991: the years of schizophrenia Gordon McManus
  • My journey of recovery Gordon McManus
  • Working with Gordon: perspectives from mental health professionals Charlene De Villiers, Dr Jonathan Bindman, Daisy Masona, Claudette Miller, as told to Sophie Davies
  • Knowing Gordon: perspectives from family and friends Eric Ayalande Johnson, Karl Miller, Stanton Delgado, Keith Bent, Gordon McManus, Gloria Giraud, and Sophie Davies
  • Jerome on Gordon Dr Jerome Carson.
Part 2: Roads to Recovery:
  • Recovery from severe mental illness: a personal journey and a look at Recovery from top to bottom Dr Jerome Carson
  • From Teddy Boy to Teddy Bear, from barbells to barbelle: On growth via psychosis, sin and love Dr Peter Chadwick
  • Does a psychotic episode ever do anybody any good? Dr Peter Chadwick
  • Recovery: what I have learned from my own journey of recovery Dolly Sen
  • Two psychiatrists look in Dr Duncan Harding and Dr Frank Holloway
  • The right to contribute: employment and recovery Dr Rachel Perkins
  • Recovery for practitioners: Stories to live by Dr Glenn Roberts
  • Conclusions: One man’s journey of recovery, is everyones’ journey? Gordon McManus and Dr Jerome Carson.

Gordon McManus
Gordon McManus graduated in Linguistics and Sociology from the University of Essex. He has lectured in business studies. ... read more
Jerome Carson
Dr Jerome Carson BA(Hons), MSc, PhD, C.Psychol. is Professor of Psychology at the University of Bolton, and a clinical psychologist holding posts at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. He has been running self-esteem workshops since 1996 for health and social care ... read more
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