Creating Connections:

Celebrating the power of groups

Edited by Lucia Berman-Rossi, Marcia B. Cohen and Holly Fischer-Engel

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ISBN: 978-1-861771-21-6
Series: IASWG Proceedings
Categories: Groupwork
Published: June 2010
234 x 156 x 9 mm
174 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Whiting & Birch is pleased to announce that they will be publishing the Proceedings of the AASWG Symposia starting from 2003.

The AASWG Symposium is the largest annual event in the groupworkcalendar. papers. The best papers from the San Diego conference are presented in this volume, which will inspire anyone who uses groupwork in their professional practice.

Marcia B. Cohen

Common elements in philosophy and method:
A brief history of social group work in the United States

Janice Andrews-Schenk

Innovations in groupwork with abusive men:
Theories that promote engagement and empowerment

Michael George Chovanec

‘I have a dream’:
A visioning group for adolescent First Nations girls

Arielle Dylan

Using literature groups to teach diversity
Mari Ann Graham

The use of ‘twelve-step’ concepts of recovery in group work with mentally retarded and developmentally disabled adults
Juli Kempner

Group supervision: Motivation for social action
Carol F. Kuechler and Jennifer Schwartz

‘As if by magic’:
Women with breast cancer, dragon boats and healing in a group

Paule McNicoll

‘SAVE’ Students Against Violence at Emery
A whole school initiative: A small group approach

Lynne Mitchell and Dianne Cullen

Group work with refugee children in a multicultural
bereavement program

David Prichard

Creating connections among disadvantaged youth
Toward participation in policy development for social change

Nancy E. Sullivan and E. Michelle Sullivan
Lucia Berman-Rossi
Lucia is a LICSW Social Worker and currently runs a private practice, consulting to various social service agencies in the Boston area around clinical and management issues. Lucia’s previous employment has included the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Casa Mynra Vazquez, where she started SafeLink, the first statewide domestic violence hotline ... read more
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