Group Work: Gateways to Growth

Edited by Gregory J Tully, Kathleen Sweeney and Susanne E Palombo

cover of new jersey proceedings

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ISBN: 978-1-861771-24-7
Series: IASWG Proceedings
Categories: Counselling, Groupwork, Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Published: June 2012
234 x 156 x 11 mm
304 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
The AASWG Symposium is the largest annual event in the groupwork calendar. papers. The best papers from the New Jersey event are presented in this volume, the third in the series to be published by Whiting & Birch Ltd.

The proceedings are an excellent source of case studies which will inspire anyone who uses groupwork in their professional practice.
Gregory J. Tully, Kathleen Sweeney, and Susanne Palombo

My love affair with stages of group development
Toby Berman-Rossi

Revisiting ‘joyful noise’: Gateways from Singing the Blues to the Hallelujah Chorus. Talking in the idiom of the other: A necessary skill for responding to the current crisis in social work practice
Dominique Moyse Steinberg and Robert Salmon

Reflective practice and mutual aid in educational groups:
A gateway to constructed knowledge

Barbara Hogan

Teaching social work from a group-as-a-whole perspective:
A classroom case study

James J. Canning

Gate keepers, gate crashers, and gateways in group work with kids:
A group work mystery story

Andrew Malekoff

Transgenerational groups: Rediscovering our legacy
Scott P. Anstadt and Deb Byster

The Silver Foxes group: Growing older and living with HIV/AIDS
Erin McGarry, Nadja Kane and Ling-Wai Fung

Welcome to the family:
A group work model for new staff orientation

Sandra Radzanower Wolkoff

When is a group not a group?
Mark Doel

Connecting students and professional associations:
A curricular approach

Shirley R. Simon

Dealing with small group conflict:
Seven keys for helping people to make meaning of their differences, take two

Dominique Moyse Steinberg
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