Orchestrating the Power of Groups

Beginnings, Middles, and Endings (overture, movements, and finales)

Edited by Dominique Moyse Steinberg

AASWG San Diego Cover

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ISBN: 978-1-861771-27-8
Series: IASWG Proceedings
Categories: Groupwork
Published: January 2011
234 x 136 x 11 mm
212 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Whiting & Birch is pleased to announce that they will be publishing the Proceedings of the AASWG Symposia starting from 2003.

The AASWG Symposium is the largest annual event in the groupwork calendar. papers. The best papers from the San Diego conference are presented in this volume, which will inspire anyone who uses groupwork in their professional practice.
Dominique Moyse Steinberg

Mutual aid: Back to basics
Alex Gitterman

Orchestrating the power of a group of AASWG members in partnership for change with colleagues at a university social work program
Thelma Silver and Anna Fritz

Mentoring in groups
Cheryl D. Lee and Eliette del Carmen Montiel

A magical mystery tour: Education and social work with groups across borders
Ellen Sue Mesbur

The facilitator 411 on phone groups: When caller ID isn’t enough
Vicki Hallas

Groupwork researchers as ‘temporary insiders’
Mark Doel and Kim Orchard

Dancing towards wholeness: The impact of conflict on patterns of interpersonal coordination in a small treatment group
William Pelech and Robert Basso

Using the research process to develop group services for older persons with a hearing disability
Timothy B. Kelly, Debbie Tolson, Tracy Day Smith, and Gillian McColgan

Participatory research and evidence-based practice for rape survivor groups: Implications for practice and teaching
Shantih Clemans & Susan Mason

Relevance of group work’s humanistic values and democratic norms to contemporary global crises
Urania Glassman

A critical call for connecting students and professional associations
Shirley R. Simon, Joyce A. Webster, Karen Horn
Dominique Moyse Steinberg (CSW, ACSW, DSW) is Chair of the Social Group Work Sequence at Hunter College School of Social Work, where she teaches Social Group Work Practice for Group Work Majors, a Practice Lab, Research Methods, and an Integrative Seminar. On the adjunct faculty as of 1986 Steinberg left HC in ... read more
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