Social Action and Self-Directed Groupwork

Edited by Jennie Fleming, Dave Ward

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Series: New Groupwork Series
BIC Categories: Social services & welfare, criminology
Categories: Groupwork, Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Published: November 2019
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452 pages
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Authors give attention to the theory and practice of social action and self-directed groupwork. These papers present a range of perspectives and experiences to provide a vivid account of social action as a values‑based approach committed to social justice and empowerment. In addition, they contain a wealth of ideas and practices, a detailed resource which we hope will inspire and signpost, without shirking the dilemmas and challenges to be considered, understood, faced and addressed. The collection demonstrates the enduring value of social action and self-directed groupwork. The approaches have probably never been more relevant than in today’s social conditions.
Section 1: The fundamentals
The legacy of Paulo Freire Les Price
Issues of empowerment: Anti-oppressive groupwork by disabled people in Ireland Maire Ni Chorcora, Eddie Jennings and Nuala Lordan Cartoons by S. O’ Shaughnessy
Values as Context: Groupwork and social action Mark Harrison and Dave Ward
The roots and process of social action Jo Aubrey

Section 2: Parallel developments
Empowerment through mutual aid groups: A practice grounded conceptual framework Judith A.B. Lee
Toward a model of social groupwork practice  with marginalised populations Margot Breton
Breaking the culture of silence: Groupwork and community development Jacky Drysdale and Rod Purcell

Section 3: Supporting practice, training, consultation and facilitation
Social action groupwork as negotiation: Contradictions in the process of empowerment Eamonn Keenan and John Pinkerton
Challenging familiar assumptions: Preparing for and initiating a self-directed group Audrey Mullender and David Ward
Facilitation in self-directed groupwork Dave Ward and Audrey Mullender
Facilitation and groupwork tasks in self-directed groupwork Jennie Fleming and Dave Ward
On empowerment, partnership, and authority in groupwork practice: A training contribution Michael Preston-Shoot
Brierley youth action project The role of consultancy in its development and progression Izzy Terry
The beginning stages of a social action training event Jennie Fleming

Section 4: Principles into practice: Practice
‘Nowt to do and always getting into trouble’ The Bulwell Neighbourhood Project: A social action response Bill Badham, Michael Bente and Pauline Hall
Doing something with our lives when we’re inside: Self-directed groupwork in a youth custody centre Bill Badham, Bob Blatchford, Steph Mcartney and Malcolm Nicholas
The Top End Action Group Neil Ballantyne
‘All I’ve got in my purse is mothballs!’: The social action women’s group Sandra Butler
MEN UNITED: Fathers’ voices Jennie Fleming and Zbyszek Luczynski
Involving school students in social action in America: The Youth Dreamers Group Cierra Cary, Chekana Reid, and Kristina Berdan
The role of groupwork in social action projects with youth Joan Arches

Section 5: Principles into practice: Research
Postscript. Social action research: A methodology for addressing ‘how it is’ Dave Ward
Black community members-as-researchers: Working with community groups in the research process Simon Dyson and Mark Harrison
Empowering research process: Using groups in research to empower the people Asnarulkhadi Abu-Samah

Where do we go from here? Dave Ward
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