Bridging the Divide: Group work for social justice

Proceedings of the XL International Symposium of the International Association for Social Work with Groups, South Africa

Edited by Reineth Prinsloo and Janetta Ananias

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ISBN: 978-1-861776-28-0
Series: IASWG Proceedings
BIC Categories: Social work, Social, group or collective psychology
Categories: Groupwork, Human Services, Social Work
Published: June 2021
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226 pages
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At the core of social group work is the need to bridge the divide, todevelop mutual aid, and to foster a socially just society. The valuing of diverse perspectives andexperiences is a heartfelt call to understanding the meaning of Ubuntuin Africa. Ubuntu is about humaneness; it embraces respect, solidarity, community development, social responsibility,justice, and equality.

The contributions inthis volume have been developed from presentations at the 40th International Symposium for Social Work with Groupws which took place in Pretoria, South Africa. The AASWG Symposium is the largest annual event in the groupwork calendar.  The best papers in this volume will inspire anyone who uses groupwork in their professional practice.

Personal Account of the International Association of Social Work with Groups (IASWG) Symposium, Kruger National Park, South Africa Paul Johnson

Build the Social Justice Bridge: Participatory photography with the international group work community Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella and Reineth Prinsloo

Defying the labels: The empowering role of group work in a poverty alleviation project Gerna Wessels and Elmien Claassens

Gemeinwesenarbeit und Social Groupwork am Beispiel des ökumenischen Stadtteilnetzwerkes „Netzanschluss” Ulrike Overs

Group work course design bridged: Experiences from Canada and South Africa Roshini Pillay and Sarah LaRocque

Group work education: Teaching through team-based learning to promote social justice in the learning community Marie Ubbink and Gerda Reitsma

Methodology for understanding human behaviors in a social environment Mamadou M. Seck

Rediscovering the power of group work in promoting social justice for older persons Leanne Jordaan

Community-based care of older people in urban and rural settings in Namibia: Bridging the divide Janetta Ananias and Leigh Ann Black

Perceptions of a group work batterer intervention program for intimate partner violence perpetrators Michael J. Lyman, Cheyenne K. Port, Michelle M. Cousins, Emily E. Stottlemyer, Monica R. DeCarlo, Paige A. Bankhead-Lewis and Adolfo Alvarez

Populism: A challenge for groupwork Jennie Fleming and Dave Ward

Using arts as a contact method in group work with latency age Arab and Jewish youth in Israel Noa Barkai and Ephrat Huss

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