The hegemony of English as an academic lingua franca

Monday, 4 Oct 2021

New content has been added to our resources for authors page. The role of English as the “lingua franca” of academic publication raises important issues for scholars whose first language is not English. Insistence on precise adherence to one or other model of English can act as a barrier to authors using English as a second language. Authors from some language communities have tended to publish only in English. Others continue to support publication in their own languages as well as English. These issues are considered in a thoughtful article by Elena Iannidou in Professional and Academic English. We are grateful to the author and publishers for their permission to reproduce the article here. (see below). Professional and Academic English: The Journal of the IATEFL English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Group 55, pp. 48-55. You'll find the it here

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