Groupwork Volume 6

An Interdisciplinary Journal for Working with Groups

Edited by Allan Brown and Nano McCaughan

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ISBN: 978-1-861770-60-8
Series: Groupwork Classics
Categories: Groupwork, Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Published: January 2008
216 x 140 x 21 mm
292 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Since its first issue in 1988, much interesting and inspiring material has been published in Groupwork. Most of this still says much of use to today's groupworkers, and there is a steady stream of requests for reprints. We are therefore making back volumes of Groupwork available in book form. Authors in this volume include leading academic figures in the field as well as practitioners working in the field. Any groupworker will find this material of enduring interest.

The first 13 volumes of Groupwork will be available from Summer 2007, and Volume 14 will appear in the Autumn.

All titles in the Groupwork Classics series will also be printed in the United States, and available at 48 to 72 hours notice through the N American booktrade (USA price for volume 1 is US$75.00).
Groupwork versus casework in a group
Roselle Kurland and Robert Salmon, Hunter School of Social Work, New York
Why groupwork is not put into practice: Reflections on the social work scene in Denmark
Ulla Habermann, Director, Volunteer Centre, Denmark
Away with the experts? Self-help groupwork in Germany
Jürgen Matzat, Psychologist, Klinik für Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen
Groupwork with siblings of children with special needs: A pilot study
Georgina Ferraro and Julie Tucker, Senior Family Project Workers
Neutralisation of group control in youth gangs
T Wing Lo, City Polytechnic, Hong Kong
The large group: The heart of the system in group care
Adrian Ward, Dept of Social Work, University of Reading
Working with a family group of bereaved children
Sheila Finlayson, Child Advisory Social Work Service, City of Birmingham Education Dept
A comparative study of four family bereavement groups
Estelle Hopmeyer, and Annette Werk, McGill School of Social Work, Montréal
An asian mothers’ group
Lynne Muir Director, MEd Programme in Community Education and Hardev Notta, Acorns Hospice for Children, Birmingham
A Cruse family circle
Joyce Rimmer, Birmingham Cruse
Coping with trauma
Frank Parkinson, former Army chaplain
From group meeting to therapeutic group
Bernadette Duffy. Social Care Worker, Dublin and Brian McCarthy, Lecturer in Psychology, Dublin Institute of Technology
Group therapy with adults with learning difficulties who have committed sexual offences
Elisabeth Cormack, Young People’s Centre , Northern Ireland
Critical incident analysis and its application in groupwork
David Henchman and Susan Walton, Avon Probation Service
Life history work with a group of people with learning disabilities
Dorothy Atkinson, School of Health, Welfare and Community Education, Open University
Art therapy: Creative groupwork for women.
Olive Otway, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Keele
Groupwork with parents of learning disabled adolescents.
Helen Gobat, Independent Social Worker
Groupwork with deaf people.
Kavita Kohli, Social Worker, Hounslow Social Services s
Combining activities and growth games: A systems approach
Oded Manor, Middlesex University, and Miriam Dumbleton, Care Manager, Westminster Social Services
Allan Brown
Allan Brown was Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bristol and founding Editor of Groupwork.
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