Groupwork Volume 10

An Interdisciplinary Journal for Working with Groups

Edited by Nuala Lordan, Tara Mistry, Claire Wintram

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ISBN: 978-1-861770-64-6
Series: Groupwork Classics
Categories: Groupwork, Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Published: January 2008
216 x 140 x 21 mm
288 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
Since its first issue in 1988, much interesting and inspiring material has been published in Groupwork. Most of this still says much of use to today's groupworkers, and there is a steady stream of requests for reprints. We are therefore making back volumes of Groupwork available in book form. Authors in this volume include leading academic figures in the field as well as practitioners working in the field. Any groupworker will find this material of enduring interest.

The first 13 volumes of Groupwork will be available from Summer 2007, and Volume 14 will appear in the Autumn.

All titles in the Groupwork Classics series will also be printed in the United States, and available at 48 to 72 hours notice through the N American booktrade (USA price for volume 1 is US$75.00).
  • Teleconferencing group counselling: Pre-group public phase
    Sandra Regan, Senior Lecturer in Groupwork, School of Social Work, University of New South Wales,
  • Suddenly the light went on: Using groupwork to empower returning students
    Roni Berger, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Adelphi University
  • A group’s journey through separation and loss: Therapeutic groupwork with children as a social work intervention
    Maria Neary and Geraldine Brandon, Thamesmead Family Service Unit
  • Implementing a novel groupwork model: Application of an innovation-developmental process
    Jerome R. Kolbo, University of S Mississippi, Kimberly Horn, W Virginia University and Elizabeth Randall, University of S Mississippi
  • Applying a strengths, competence and empowerment model Anna Nosko, Family Services Association of Toronto and Margot Breton, University of Toronto
  • Effective groupwork packages and the importance of process
    David Henchman and Susan Walton, Freelance Trainers and Probation Officers
  • Using the sensory orientation group with a frail elder population
    Norma Thomas, Professor, Center for Social Work, Widener University, Pennsylvania and Suzanne Coleman, Social Worker, Bryn Mawr Terrace Nursing Home, Pennsylvania
  • Research into practice does go: Integrating research within programme development
    Rob Harry, Staff Dev't Manager, Patricia Heggarty, Probation Officer, Cathy Lisles, Freelance Researcher, Richard Thurston, Research Mgr, Mid-Glams Probation and Maurice Vanstone, Lecturer, University of Wales, Swansea
  • Brief group therapy and the use of metaphor
    Christian C Sunderland, Clinical Social Worker, Cardston Clinic, Alberta
  • We’d like you to come back
    Hilary Hopkin, Social Worker, Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • The use of music in group work with out-patient alcoholic couples: A pilot investigation
    Wilfred A Gallant, Assoc. Professor of Social Work, Melanie D Galant, Research Asst Human Services Research Unit, Kevin M Gorey, Assoc. Professor of Social Work, Michael J Holosko, Professor of Social Work and Sammi Siegel, Director of Music Therapy, University of Windsor, Ontario
  • Exploring worker responses to critical incidents
    Marian F Fatout, Professor, School of Social Work, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
  • A Critical analysis of a support and clinical supervision group for interpreters working with refugees located in Britain
    Rachel Tribe, Senior Lecturer, Psychology Dept, University of East London, Romford
  • Feminist groupwork with lesbian survivors of incest
    Patricia A Groves, Director of Social Work Program and Connie Schondel, formerly Associate Professor, , University of Toledo, Ohio
  • Don’t worry, it’s just a stage he’s going through: A reappraisal of the stage theory of group work as applied to an open model treatment group for men who abuse women
    Tom Caplan, Adj. Professor and Director, and Harle Thomas, Clinical and Groupworker, McGill University Domestic Violence Clinic
  • Active learning programmes to promote cognitive change Siu-Kau Cheung, Principal Lecturer, Division of Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong
Tara Mistry
Tara Mistry is Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bristol and current Co-Editor of Groupwork. ... read more
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