Methods and methodologies of social work

Reflecting professional interventions

Edited by Christian Spatscheck, Sara Ashencaen Crabtree, Jonathan Parker

cover of methods and methodologies in social work

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Series: SOCNET98 edited collections
BIC Categories: Social work
Categories: Cultural Studies, Health Services, Human Services, Social Policy, Social Work
Published: October 2018
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276 pages
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This book considers a variety of social work methods and methodologies from several European countries, placing them in the context of their underpinning values.

Across Europe and the world, the social work profession relies for its interventions on a wide variety of methods and techniques. The broad frameworks of this methodology guides social workers through the process of developing and creating interventions with different stakeholders, and also underpins the ethical understanding of social work.

The adoption of an international perspective enables social workers to share, discuss and compare different approaches, experiences, theories, and research about social work’s diverse methods and methodologies. Exchanges about the variety of approaches can enlarge our knowledge, and demonstrate the diverse routes by which theory is translated into practice in different national settings and welfare contexts.

Part I: Methodologies: Theoretical reflections on social work Critical Approaches in Social Work Sascha Schierz and Magnus Frampton • Theoretical Principles and Considerations on Values Formation in Community Work  Heinz Lynen von Berg •  Gap Mending as an Additional Concept in Analytical Reflections about Service User Involvement Cecilia Heule and Arne Kristiansen • The Concept of Reflexivity and its ideal Role in the Professional Training of Social Workers Elisa Matutini • Theoretical Perspectives on Disability and their Influence on Social Work  Lennart Sauer • ‘River! that in Silence Windest’:  The Place of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Assessment: Sociological Reflections and Practical Implications Jonathan Parker, Sara Ashencaen Crabtree, Emilie Reeks, Daniel Marsh and Ceyda Vasif

Part II: Methods: Professional approaches for social work interventions Understanding Conflict: Dynamics of Conflict and Methods of Conflict Resolution Gabriele Schäfer • Social Work with Traumatized Clients: A Methodical Framework for Practical Interventions Andrea Pilgerstorfer • Social Work with Recognized Refugees, Immigrants and their Children Jitka Vacková • Concepts of Participation and their Implementation in the Work with Unaccompanied Minor Refugees Antje Krueger • The Situation of Roma Families in the Czech Republic: Target Group-Related Social Work Interventions David Urban and Alena Kajanová • Establishing Contact, Facilitating Dialogue and Participation: Reflections and Case Studies on Neighbourhood-based Approaches of Social Work with Immigrant Communities Can M. Aybek and Gaby Straßburger • Analysing the Scopes of Social Empowerment in ‘One-Minute Video Story’ Workshops Kristiina Vesama and Kari Keuru • Case studies: A Method for Teaching Social Work: A Spanish Perspective in the European Context María Luisa Gómez Jiménez

Christian Spatscheck
Dr. Christian Spatscheck is Professor of Theories and Methods of Social Work at the School of Social Work of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Hochschule Bremen, Germany, Visiting Scholar at Lund University, Sweden, and Visiting Professor at Pisa University, Italy. After degrees in social work (KH Freiburg) and pedagogy (PH ... read more
Sara Ashencaen Crabtree
Sara Ashencaen Crabtree is Deputy Director, Centre of Social Work and Social Policy, and Head of Sociology & Social Policy, School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University. She is the author of Islam and Social Work: Debating values, transforming practice (Policy Press, 2008) ... read more
Jonathan Parker
Prof. Jonathan Parker is Professor of Social Policy & Social Work and Director of the Centre for Social Work, Sociology and Social Policy at Bournemouth University, and Visiting Professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He was one of the founders and director of the Family Assessment and Support Unit, a placement agency ... read more
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