Unity in Diversity

Embracing the spirit of group work

Edited by William Pelech, Karen Ring, Sarah LaRocque


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ISBN: 978-1-861771-38-4
Series: IASWG Proceedings
BIC Categories: Social work
Categories: Counselling, Groupwork, Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Published: January 2016
234 x 156 x 17 mm
324 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
A series of case studies and practice accounts from several countries which illustrate applications of the social group work model in a range of settings. They are a selection from those presented at the IASWG Symposium in Calgary, Canada.
Sacred Science of Circles: An Inclusive Approach to Social Work Practice
Betty Bastien

Next Steps in the Investigation of Mutual Aid Processes
Charles Garvin

Cat’s Cradle: Managing and (Maybe Even) Enhancing the Complexities and Diversity of Groups in Human Service Organizations
Jane Matheson

How Did You Get Here? Engagement in Social Justice Journeys Through
Pechakucha Liza Lorenzetti & Joan Farkas

Developing Facilitator Self-Awareness: Introducing Mindfulness Practices to the Helping Classroom
David Delay & Jennifer Martin

The Theory of Trauma-Informed Approaches for Substance Use: Implementing a Seeking Safety Group
Rachael V. Pascoe

The Use of Dream Groups for Developing Professional Self-Care and Spiritual Well‑Being
Karen Ring

Culturally Relevant Group Work With Barbadian Adolescent Males in Residential Care
Sadie K. Goddard-Durant & Nicole N. Lynch

Validating the Borderlands: Group Work with Queer Latinas
Jayleen Galarza

La supervision combinée comme soutien à l’apprentissage du travail social de groupe d’étudiants à la maîtrise en travail social
Ginette Berteau, Sylvie Cameron, et Étienne Guay

“Without Them, I Probably Wouldn’t Be on This Planet”: Benefits and Challenges of Groups for Parents of Children with Disabilities
Alice Home

An Inventory for Enhancing Cross-Cultural Group Work
Tomasz Michal Rapacki & Dawn Lorraine McBride

Strengths-Based Group Supervision with Social Work Students
Mari Alschuler, Linda McArdle, and Thelma Silver

A New Group Worker Learns and Practices
Samantha Swift

Psychoeducational Groups: Do They Meet the Diverse Needs of Women Who Have Been Abused by a Partner?
Stephanie L. Baird

Group Dynamics in the Classroom: Comparing the Applicability of Group Stage Models
Kyle McGee

The Chrysalis Model: Mutual Aid in “Peer Juries,” School-Based Restorative Justice Groups
Rebecca Witheridge

The Mind–Body Connection and Group Therapy
Rachel Seed

William Pelech
Dr. William Pelech currently holds an appointment as full professor and associate dean (academic) in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. Dr. Pelech has conducted research and practice group work and currently holds a major national Tri-Council grant; his research focuses on how practitioners use diversity in ... read more
Karen Ring
Karen A. Ring is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), group worker, trainer, and transformational consultant in Barbados. She was a lecturer in social work at The University of the West Indies, Barbados (1996–2012), an adjunct professor at Florida State University College of Social Work, Tallahassee, Florida (1991–1996), and a visiting ... read more
Sarah LaRocque
Sarah LaRocque is a clinician, field instructor, and PhD candidate in the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. Sarah specializes in group work in private practice and is clinical director of a dialectical behaviour therapy program. She provides group training for mental health practitioners in psychoeducational, support, and process-oriented groups. ... read more
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