Group Work Around the Globe

Creating transformative connections in challenging times

Edited by Christine Wilkins, Mark Doel, Sari Skolnik, John Genke, Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella

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ISBN: 978-1-861771-45-2
Series: IASWG Proceedings
BIC Categories: Social welfare & social services, Social, group or collective psychology
Categories: Groupwork, Health Services, Human Services, Social Work
Published: January 2019
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324 pages
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In these challenging times whenwar, despair and insecurity reign around the globe, social group work emergesmore than ever as a ray of hope. This edited collection of papers from the 38thand 39th Annual International Association for Social Work withGroups (IASWG) Symposia held in New York City, New York, USA, in 2016 and 2017reflects the important contribution of social group work practitioners,educators, and researchers.

Theses on working with refugees in Germany: Considering the experiences of Louis Lowy Klaus-Martin Ellerbrock Translated by Quirina Busch
Children of War in Ukraine: Exploring the trauma of war through collective creative writing in literar workshops Olga Derkachova
Discovering social work and social groupwork through objects Mark Doel
Creative Strategies for Working with Diversity in Challenging Times Sarah LaRocque, Melissa Popiel, William Pelech, David Este, David B. Nicholas, and Christopher Kilmer
Making Group Theories Real: A brief cultural exchange activity that translates theory into experience Donald G Jordan and Daphne Henderson
All education is group work: Group work in education in challenging times Hilda Baar-Kooij
The VAWA/U Visa Self Prep Course: Socio-political and organizational influences on an interdisciplinary legal and social work group model for immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence Martha L. Garcia and Diana Halperin
“Putting it out on the table:” Exploring the impact of difference in group work through the experience of a male group worker in an all-female member group Kyle T. Ganson
Who cares for the caregivers of the elderly? Strength-based groups and diversity considerations Thelma Silver and Linda McArdle
Practicing gratitude: Reflections on a community-based group in a supportive housing setting Patricia Ki and Adina Muskat
Māori student perceptions of group work in their social work degree Donna Guy Group practice approach for working with citizens returning from prison Thomas Kenemore, Brent In, and Sr. Hien Nguyen
A conversation begins: Using teach-ins to begin a dialogue about racial justice Samuel R. Benbow
Passing the baton: Revitalization of an IASWG chapter Maria Gandarilla, Cheryl D. Lee and Mei Kameda
Shifting contexts: Transforming and sustaining professional identities using group work Mary Wilson and Deirdre Quirke.
Team-based learning: A classroom approach for teaching group work skills Kristina Lind
Teaching appreciation for differences via intergroup dialogue (IGD) Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Corinne Renguette, and Dan Griffith
Welcome the stranger: Group work and hospitality in a fearful era Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella

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