Happiness in a Northern Town

Edited by Sandie McHugh and Jerome Carson

cover of happiness in a northern town

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ISBN: 978-1-861776-29-7
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Categories: Counselling, Cultural Studies, Health Services, Social Policy
Published: November 2021
229 x 152 x 14 mm
264 pages
Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd
We all aspire to happiness, but happiness in Bolton?In the 1930s, the Mass Observation Happiness Project researched Bolton (anonymised as Worktown). The extensive papers from this exercise provide a vivid insight into the joys and disappointments of ordinary people in pre-War Bolton.This book looks at how have the dramatic changes since then have affected the aspirations of Boltonians and their perception of the good life.The Editors (themselves Boltonians) have assembled 15 chapters from 19 authors all active in the Bolton of today. These authors offer a diversity of insights into happiness. They look at the importance of exercise and fitness, the role of leisure and the part music plays in happiness. Art can enable happiness through expression of creativity. Religion can be a pathway to happiness, and forgiveness can aid recovery from despair. Addiction – often a barrier to happiness – can be conquered. Happiness matters at all stages in life. Two chapters outline programmes for schools. Social factors are shown to be important for adults in community groups.The northern theme is reinforced with details of the character and culture of ‘Northerners’. Results from a recent research study on the differences between the North and South are revealed. A repetition of the 1930s Mass Observation study highlights changes in aspirations since then. Suggestions on the way forward for the experience of happiness round off the book. Happiness in a Northern Town is a collection of different perspectives into happiness and wellbeing. It offers hope in overcoming barriers to happiness not only in Bolton but beyond.
Preface Professor Sir Cary Cooper • Worktown, past , present and future Sandie McHugh & Jerome Carson • The role of leisure in happiness Robert Snape • Perceptions of happiness in three women’s groups in Bolton: A qualitative study Kathryn Thomasson, Sandie McHugh and Jerome Carson • Happiness through enabling others Julie Levy • Fitness and happiness Ken Heathcote • Happiness and freedom from alcohol addiction Jerome Carson and Paul Makin • Faith and happiness Mohammed Sadiq, Aishath Shahama, and Aashiya Patel • Forgiveness and happiness Reginald Amanze • Happiness, music and the occasional creative Chris Elliot and Kathryn Thomasson • A bit of grim makes us great up North Elisabeth Long • Happiness and wellbeing in high schools: The Hummingbird Project Ian Platt, Chathurika Kannangara, Michelle Tytherleigh, Sarah Banks and Jerome Carson • Happiness: Is there really a north-south divide? Jerome Carson, Sandie McHugh, Rosie Allen and Julie Prescott • Voices from the past: A qualitative investigation of letters on happiness from 1930’s Bolton Sandie McHugh, Julie Prescott and Jerome Carson
Sandie McHugh
Sandie McHugh is an honorary research fellow at the University of Bolton. Sandie has two Masters Degrees and an MPhil. She is both a historian and a psychologist. Her early research at the University of Bolton was with Professor Rob Ranyard on economic psychology. Since 2013 she has been conducting happiness ... read more
Jerome Carson
Dr Jerome Carson BA(Hons), MSc, PhD, C.Psychol. is Professor of Psychology at the University of Bolton, and a clinical psychologist holding posts at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. He has been running self-esteem workshops since 1996 for health and social care ... read more
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