International Association of Social Work with Groups

The world's leading groupwork organisation.

German Chapter of the AASWG

The German chapter of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups is a large and active chapter, which hosted the 2008 Groupwork Symposium. A truly warm and enthusiastic group of people.

Groupwork Consultation & Training Ltd

Founded in Greenwich in 1987, 'the only organisation in the UK specialising exclusively in Social Groupwork training'.

Research on the state of social work with groups

Two Canadian Social Work Professors, Annie Pullen-Sansfaçon of Montreal University and Valérie Roy of Laval, are researching the state of social work practice with groups. Full details are available via the link. They are keen to hear from active groupworkers in the UK.

Institute of Group Leaders

The New South Wales Institute of Group Leaders is an Australian professional body devoted to the development of groupwork. It consists of an expert working group of specialists in the field of group leadership. It is a non-profit organisation that aims to increase the knowledge and skills of group leaders operating in a wide variety of settings.

Groupwork Solutions is a training company that specialises in dynamic learning, mastery of practice skills, resource development, working with men, using strengths based approaches and creative group work.

Groupwork Editors' Blog

A place for discussions about social groupwork and its applications, and to raise questions with the Editors.

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